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ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA BIOS Error 6B38

I bought ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA motherboard a little over a year ago and it was a kind of baby step upgrading at first. I was going to upgrade to Core 2 Duo with baby steps so I could use DDR400 ram and my Ati Radeon 9800 Pro AGP graphics card with my new setup. This motherboard even had SATA connectors so I could install new hardware as well so it was a perfect motherboard for my needs.

Soon after I hooked up everything and the machine was running smoothly with two SATA 160GB hard drives in RAID-0 configuration and with AGP Ati graphics card the computer halted at BIOS error 6B38. It happend right after the memory check and I couldn't get to BIOS or anything. I tried to search the net for solution but nothing. I even contacted ASRock through their web page for a fix but they never answered and there was no answer for this 6B38 error. I blogged that error at my other blog and realized that there is still no solution to that error what the motherboard gives as of today.

That's why I'm writing this blog post about a year old motherboard. I got it working eventually but it has come up occasionally every now and then.

The solution is to shut down your computer and unplugit from the wall socket.

The normal shutdown from the power button is not wnough. You have to at least use the power button in your power supply if there is one. The easiest is to unplug the computer from the wall power socket for few seconds. After the complete power down the motherboard should rise up and boot normally.

I haven't figured what causes this event but I guess it has something to with USB hard drives or USB flash disks that are connected to your computer while it boots up. You could remove USB drives and disks before you turn your ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA moteherboard up.

Hope this blog post helps all the people suffering from this odd hang up and if you still have proplems with it give us a comment below.

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Jan kirjoitti...

Hi, Ive had the same problem with my ASrock mobo. However, it happened all the time. The problem, I discovered, was that a USB device was cousing the hangup. Once this device was unpluged I was able to boot up. Also if you go into BIOS and select "Disable" Legacy USB support the problem is fixed.

Sheila kirjoitti...

I have the same problem... but your solution doesn't work in my case... I'm very angry with my motherboard! It's only 5 months old :-S

audrey kirjoitti...

You are the man!!! Thank you so much my friend for writing this blog post!!! I have the 4core1600p35-wifi+ and it worked like a charm! I was about to reset the bios and loose all my settings and while it would have worked (because it says to unplug it from the wall) it wouldn't have been for the right reasons! thank you thank you thank you!!

plao kirjoitti...

You're GREAT! Thanks from Italy...unplugging the USB peripherals all has worked fine on my ASRock Dual 775-880 Pro!

Thanks again!

Vlad kirjoitti...

Just wanted to leave a comment - I have the same problem with my 939Dual-VSTA, and, unfortunately, the onboard audio is connected on the USB bus (how freaky is that?) so I can't pass the 6B38 stage :-(
I tried removing everything from the computer, right now it's booting with only the memory and Graphics card installed, still no avail. Tried unplugging while it's off, on, while booting and whatnot, nothing works :'(

Scott Crawford kirjoitti...
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Scott Crawford kirjoitti...

Vlad, I have the same issue that you had... I tried removing all the USB peripherals but I was still stuck at 6B38. I let it sit there but nothing happens. Were you ever able to fix the problem??